FAQ | Photographer Wanted


Right from the start, we’ve had many questions about the project. As with everything though, they tend to fall into the same typical categories and the answers to the questions below are the most common queries. 

If you have a question yourself, ask away, we’d love to hear from you: faq@photographerwanted.co.uk.

Who can have an account?

We’d like to embrace the full spectrum of photographers across the UK. We desperately want to avoid an elitist approach to the network but there are a few factors to consider. It sounds terrible, but there are differences between pro and hobbyist photographers and it’s not about talent and ability. Pro photographers, more often than not carry things like public liability insurance so no matter the project things have a little bit of security about them. They should be set up as a business too so you there should be an element of security involved dealing with a business professional.   We’d like to think that if someone wants to hire a photographer, the talent found on photographerwanted.co.uk offers a great solution. Of course, however, it depends on the requirement so that's why we embrace a full range of photographers. 

Shouldn’t this just be a professionals network?

Not necessarily. We feel that the beauty of this website is grounded in people being able to find the right photographer. Being able to engage with styles, image quality, point of view and this means throwing the net wide. People might be looking for fine art images with commissions that suit artists as well as pro photographers so again, it all comes down to the specific job or requirement. 

Are you an agency? 

No. We are not an agency. We are a completely impartial photographer network. We will not recommend any photographer above another. We don't take kickbacks or ‘bungs’ to pass work to specific photographers. This means that everyone has an equal chance of quoting on work successfully. 

Isn’t it just a race to the bottom?

The industry we work in doesn’t have benchmarks as to what people should be charging for their work. Yes, this makes it hard for full time working professionals to quote against those part-time photographers with supplementary incomes.

We’ve got two things to say about this:

  1. We’ve built the website to accommodate curated portfolios. This means that the balance between quotes and portfolio is clear. If someone wants to drop their fee to get work, that's their choice and we can’t and won’t control this. But if you charge a rate that reflects your work, It’s down to the client to balance that. 
  2. If someone wants to work at crazy low rates and gets hired for it, are these the clients for you?

Do we have to take jobs?

Not at all. You can just use the system to advertise your work directly! It’s your choice!

What is the commission on successful jobs?

Nothing. Nowt. Zip. Nad-da. Zero. The network is built entirely on a low annual subscription. We don’t charge people to post jobs and we won't take a cut of any work awarded. We won’t take a single % of your hard earned money meaning you can keep your quotes competitive! 

Why do we have to pay on sign up?

We had a big discussion about this. Essentially a subscription network is our filter. By putting a payment on sign up, we get rid of ‘tyre kickers’ and are able to essentially curate the quality of photographers at the outset. And by quality, we mean mindset and forward think-ed-ness. 

The NSFW thing...

The subjective nature of photography means that one person's art is another person's unacceptable. The thing to remember is we cannot control who is looking at the work you produce. Your beautiful fine art nudes might be viewed by the 16-year-old apprentice at a PR agency which could lead to workplace troubles. You could have a team of people in a boardroom looking for estate agent photographic services and those glamour shots just wouldn’t be appropriate on the 10ft display viewed by a diverse and mixed team. This is why we’ve included an NSFW filter. NSFW simply means, ‘Not Safe for Work’. It’s the viewers choice if they want to view, but we felt it was important to filter the content in this way. The NSFW filter can be applied at upload by the photographer, but we also reserve the right to filter images we feel need a little careful consideration. This applies to graphic images of any kind. It’s a difficult thing to manage and we could talk about it for weeks, but I’m sure as a clever and well-rounded individual, you will understand this. 

Can photographers post their own jobs?

Absolutely, please do! We want you to!

If you need an assistant, you need to subcontract work out, then jump in! Post away! Hopefully, you will be able to find a local photographer looking for second shooter roles, student placements, assistant sessions and more! 

Do you offer a student membership?

No, Sorry. We’re keeping everything equal. This means one network subscription fee for all.