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The PhotographerWanted network is growing day by day, photographers all around the UK are signing up to be part of the family. We are here to elevate and celebrate! So, sign up for a profile and be part of the journey. You never know who your portfolio could reach!

PhotographerWanted aims to be the most extensive network of photographers stretching the length and breadth of the UK. You'll find awesome photographers that shoot the most interesting and engaging work.

Get started by uploading your portfolio, set direct links to your website, all your social media and more. Don't forget to include direct contacts details so people can get in touch. PhotographerWanted also introduces clients to new, creative photographers in their local areas and further afield, taking no commission in doing so.

You can quote directly on work sent via our system, without the need to buy any credits, and use the job posting area to find second shooters and subcontractors.

We want to help elevate you and your work. We want to share your images, your stories, tell people about you. We want to help you grow and build you up as part of our community.

Great minds think alike! Together, we are stronger.

Network membership costs just £12.99 a year.

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