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Wedding, commercial, portrait, automotive, street fashion and more.

With photographer wanted, you can browse the portfolios of photographers throughout the UK. Photographers with specific skills, unique styles and imaginative responses to creative requirements.

The subjective nature of Photography means that what is in your head, sometimes needs a like mind to process it. PhotographerWanted enables you to really find that creative ‘fit’. The photographer who can match your imagination with innovative solutions.

With PhotographerWanted. You can find and contact the right photographers direct, or use the online quote request system to let photographers introduce themselves to you. Simply fill in boxes and photographers will tell you how then can help and how much their fee will be. Then compare them in your own time and when the portfolio matches your budgets, just click ‘contact me’ and your photographer choices will be in touch!

It’s hard for a photographer to ‘specialise’ in everything. So if it’s a specialist portrait photographer you need for a set of headshots or an event photographer or a school prom. Amongst the talented photographer profiles on your’ll find the right person for your job. The best bit? Searching photographers and asking for help is completely free!

How does the quote system work?

  1. Collate the particulars for the job. location, requirement, usage and where possible, as much context as you can.
  2. Fill in the boxes.
  3. Photographers that match the posted opportunity will be notified, log in and submit their quotes. Of course, this is a pre-logistics quote, but you should get a snapshot of the budget requirements.
  4. Browse, interact and research, all in your own time as the photographers won’t have your contact details at this point. No sales pitches, no sales progressions.. Just you, a cup of tea and all the time you need.
  5. If any tick your boxes, just click ‘contact me’ and the photographers in question will be in touch!

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